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What Readers Are Saying

By kim banks

 "Within 5 minutes, and having just flipped through the pages, I was drawn to one chapter and was given the answer to a problem that I had been having for years!

It's remarkable how much I was doing in my business that I hadn't thought was a problem, but giving Mr. Elder half a chance and implementing some of the ideas, has already saved me time, gotten me more exposure, and several new sales!

There is ample space on each page, and I will continue to keep notes in these areas to mark the date I tried his advise and how it worked for me.

This is a book I have already recommended to my students, and one I sincerely hope you purchase too."


By shakespear

"I have been creating in glass for over 30 years , and Mr. Elder has pinpointed questions about stained glass and the cost of working in glass that each artist asks along the way.

Mr. Elders writes with timely information and easily digested information whether one is a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned stained glass artist .

Each chapter is filled with what you all ways have wanted to know. Thank you , Mr. Elder, this is a must have book for every stained glass artist.


By Roseheart

"This is a must have book if you love doing stained glass and enjoy making money while doing so. Mr. Elder presents many aspects of the process in a very precise way.

I have enjoyed reading each chapter. I plan on adopting several of his suggestions. I hope he does more books in the near future."


By Amazon Customer

"I took a stained glass class years ago and since then have occasionally sold a piece here and there. His book has lots of advice for becoming a serious seller of stained glass. Some of his tips include making suncatchers that have broad appeal. I have seen stained glass artists that only produce very taste specific work and then have difficulty selling. He suggests selling at Farmers Markets, which I had never considered before. Lots of great advice that got me thinking!"


By Bill

"Good collection of info that the average person might not consider, ranging from things needed to set up for a show to insurance considerations to making the best use of scrap glass that you accumulate. A good read to get you started if you're ready to start selling stained glass pieces to a larger market."


By Amazon Customer

"Great book for ideas and tips. A must read to prepare for selling your projects. Very informative on various marketing avenues and pricing. Looking forward to Volumes II."


Art Glass - Breaking Glass To Make Money

A Beginners Guide To Making Money With Art Glass
Copper Foil And Lead Work Explained


Authored by Mr. Francis Elder II

List Price: $19.95
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
78 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1536858037
ISBN-10: 153685803X
BISAC: Crafts & Hobbies / Glass & Glassware

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Volume 1

This book encompasses knowledge by the professional glass artist Francis Elder II, who has been doing stained glass and art glass work since 1988.

In this book he explains in easy to understand terms the process of going from a part time hobbyist to becoming a paid artisan. This how-to book explains in detail the steps involved that will allow you to follow your dreams of becoming a paid art glass artist.

He details areas such as; incorporating yourself into your art, designs and pattern making, efficiency, production, custom work, safety, how to price your work, installation and service calls, where and how to sell, insurance, commission sales, using social media, marketing as a whole, teaching and more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Do What You Love                                       

You Are Part of Your Art                           

Customer Satisfaction

Chapter 2

Designs - The Basics                                

Keeping it Simple                                      

Designing Made Easier                            

Choosing Designs to Make Money          

Pattern Making And Storage

Chapter 3

Efficiency For The Win                              

Pattern Pieces Or No Pattern Pieces       

Size Does Matter                                       

Make Those Scraps Count

Chapter 4


Multiples Versus One At A Time            

Custom Orders                                           


Chapter 5


Getting The Lead Out                                      

Glass Can Bite!                                   

Warnings And Lead Disclosures              

Wear Goggles At All Times

Chapter 6

Selling Price And Charges                      

Learn Your Market                                        

Quality Matters                                              

Formula For Success                     

Installation And Service Calls

Chapter 7

Where And How To Sell                              

Must Haves                                       

Other Helpful Items To Get                         


Farmers Markets                                           

Craft Fairs And Selling Events                   

Flea Markets                                           

Galleries And Commission Sales       

Social Media                                                 

In Summary

Chapter 8

Make It To Last                                              

Proper Construction Method                       


Chapter 9


Cards And Fliers                                           


Farmers Markets                                           


Contact Logs                                                

Signing Your Work                                

Social Media                                                 

Track Your Efforts

Chapter 10

Donations And Family                                



Chapter 11


Cross Training                                       

In Summary

Chapter 12

Going Forward                                              

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