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Author - Francis Elder II


By The People, For The People

American Politics. A Lost Cause? Or A Time For Change

By The People, For The People - American Politics - A Lost Cause? Or A Time For Change?

Authored by Mr. Francis Elder II

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94 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539682820
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BISAC: Political Science / Government / General

How many PhD's do I hold? None. How many MBA's do I hold? None. So what qualifies me to write this book? I represent the average, fed up American citizen who just tries to get by while securing some sort of future for their family. I, like so many others, am tired of how many of these "professional politicians" are taking advantage of us, the American people.

I have lived and experienced much in my life, being nearly 50 years old as of the writing of this book. I had to grow up at a young age when my father died before I was 12 years old, mowing lawns to pay bills when other kids were out playing with their friends. When I grew up my jobs included sacking groceries, being a residential glass glazier, an artist, being in management, helping those in need, doing manual labor, being a small business owner, now I am a part time writer and also someone who doesn't know what the future will bring. I have made my fair share of mistakes in my life, big ones and small ones. The point being, I am not a professional politician, I am me, I am you and I am your neighbor.

Our founding fathers did not foresee the bastardization of their vision, I truly believe that in my heart of hearts. We as citizens of this wonderful country have allowed those we have elected and put into positions as public servants to circumvent our founding fathers wishes, dreams and goals.

The time has come for drastic and sweeping changes. I don't profess to have all the answers but I am willing to put pen to paper and make some radical suggestions, that if implemented I feel will give back power to the everyday person, empowering them to truly hold their future in their hands. No longer being an ends to a means for a successful bottom line for the 1% and their mouth pieces on the hill.

Our government has become so overburdened by useless and ineffective laws, the way the system is set up it is nearly impossible to remove or change these ineffectual laws. The everyday common person has no control or ability to make those changes and that is something they should be able to do, because at the end of the day they are the ones that have to live with those bad laws and are affected to the greatest extent. It should be easier to remove or change a law than it is to enact a law, that is not the way it is though and that is something that needs to change.

I have taken the time to make some strong suggestions on sweeping changes in many areas, not just complaining about issues, but instead taking the time and effort to suggest workable courses of action to resolve the issues. If you feel you have better ideas then I encourage you to do something to be heard. Write a book, write a letter, stand on a street corner and shout it out until your throat is hoarse. In other words, be proactive, be heard.

In this book some of the subjects I discuss are; The use of political surrogates in the news, partisan politics, use of the filibuster, voter turnout, the economic divide, use of riders, accountability in government, voter resources, internet voting and the use of technology for the purpose of voting, federal and state assistance, employer responsibilities, voter security, language barriers, veterans and active service members and better serving their needs, term limits, limiting politicians pay and perks, special interest money and gifts, lobbying and new policies governing the lobbying machine, equal representation for every state, Americans expectations of government, the Electoral College, making laws and giving citizens more control, limiting state of emergency laws, state and municipal legislation and making the removal and change of laws much easier.








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