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By The People, For The People

American Politics. A Lost Cause? Or A Time For Change

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"Our expectations of those we have placed in such great power has to be higher than it has been. The accountability for lack of performance has to be higher than it has been.

If our expectations are mediocre at best, how in the world will the results we receive be anything but mediocre? The answer is that they will not."

Authored by Mr. Francis Elder II

Paperback List Price: $9.95
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5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
94 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539682820
ISBN-10: 153968282X
BISAC: Political Science / Government / General

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Email: press@booksbyelder.com

Mail: Francis Elder II, PO Box 782, Kansas, OK, 74347

Author Bio

Francis Elder II grew up primarily in the cozy little town of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Nestled in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, it is a gem of a town that was founded in 1882 and known for its spring water. In fact, people would come from across the country to partake in the healing properties of the spring water.

Fishing was one of his favorite pastimes and you could find him on his bicycle, tackle box and fishing pole in tow, heading to one of his several favorite spots on Sager Creek. Many a perch and catfish found their way back home and on to his families dinner plate.

Many things have changed since his early childhood, the passing of the person he called father just before he was 12 years old, his grandfather Francis Elder. His passing hit their family hard and suddenly he found myself needing to be the man of the house. Trying to find ways to help pay the bills, fix the home and still be a kid.

Then much later in his life the passing of the person he called mother in 2012, his grandmother Vivian Elder. Her passing hit him very hard as well as his family, she had been such a close part of his family, always nearby. The last few years of her life were spent living with them and he was at her side while she lay in the hospital for so many days until she finally passed away with him holding her hand.


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Book Summary

Author Francis Elder II discusses his views about today's political machine and why he and so many other Americans are fed up and disenchanted with the whole process. He is blunt and to the point discussing where American politics have let our citizens down. 
He believes in the right of every citizen to express their concerns and frustrations but lives by the philosophy that if you are going to complain you also need to bring fourth ideas to make things better. 
Doing just that he discusses his views, along with the views of others he has spoken to through out his life, while making his own suggestions on changes. Changes that will empower every citizen of America, giving them the ability to truly make a difference in how they are governed and who governs them. 
By The People, For The People. Together we can make that mean something again! 
Areas of discussion include subjects such as the 2016 Presidential Election, the use of political surrogates in the news, partisan politics, use of the filibuster, voter turnout, the economic divide, use of riders, accountability in government, voter resources, internet voting and the use of technology for the purpose of voting, federal and state assistance, employer responsibilities, voter security, language barriers, veterans and active service members, term limits, limiting politicians pay and perks, special interest money and gifts, lobbying and new policies governing the lobbying machine, equal representation for every state, Americans expectations of government, the Electoral College, making laws and giving citizens more control, limiting state of emergency laws, state and municipal legislation and making the removal of laws much easier.

Charitable Work

Francis is a prolific artist of stained glass and art glass pieces. Donating numerous pieces in the past to various charitable organizations to help them in their fundraising goals.

In addition he has also created a line of art glass suncatcher's that he calls "Charitable Suncatcher's". A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these suncatcher's goes to various charitable, non-profit and other organizations. His long term goals are to provide art classes for area veterans as an "art therapy" to help them cope with issues such as PTSD. In addition he hopes to set up an organization that helps to engage young artist's by providing lectures not only by himself but from other local artist's as well. Helping these young artist's understand that they can follow their dreams by giving them the knowledge, support and encouragement to do so.

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